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Application for MACA Advanced Court Administration Certification (M.A.C.C.A.)

Administered by: The Missouri Association for Court Administration

I hereby apply for certification as a MACA Advanced Court Administrator by the Certification Committee of the Management Development Institute at Missouri State University, and I hereby attest that the following statements and presentation are accurate and true to the best of my knowledge.

$65.00 application fee is non-refundable.

Code of Ethics

Failure to complete this section will result in denial of certification.

As a member of the Missouri Association for Court Administration, I solemnly pledge:

  • That as a judicial employee I will strive to uphold the policy of the judges and will be loyal and respectful,

  • That I will always conduct myself in a manner to reflect the dignity and humanity of my profession,

  • That I will maintain the confidential nature of my position,

  • That I will respect my position of trust and will maintain unquestionable honesty and integrity,

  • That I will endeavor, by constant pursuit of educational programs to increase the knowledge that is necessary to enhance my profession,

  • That I will serve the public with constancy regardless of sex, race, or creed and uphold the Constitution of the United States and the laws of the State of Missouri.

Basic Requirements

Failure to meet all basic requirements will result in denial of certification.

Failure to enclose required requested documentation will result in denial of certification.

Have you performed the duties of a Court Clerk, Deputy Clerk or Court Administration for at least six (6) years?
Have you been a member of the Missouri Association for Court Administration for a period of six (6) years?
Are you a current member of MACA?
Do you believe in and practice the MACA Code of Ethics?
Furnish a letter of recommendation from a Judge. Upload or mail letter.
Upload File
Have you successfully completed and received your CCA and held that certification for at least two (2) consecutive years? Upload or mail a copy of plaque.
Upload File
Have you held office on the MACA board (ex. President, President Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Director, Region Director), chair a MACA Committee (ex. Education, Awards, By-Laws, CCA Certification, ACCA Certification, etc.) for a full term, OR actively serve on a MACA committee for 2 years (letter from committee chair is required)?
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If paying by check,  $65 check will be made payable to:
c/o Pearson Event Planning 
4878 E Utica Street
Springfield, MO 65809

DEADLINE: March 1st. Any applications received after the deadlines will be reviewed on the following cycle.


Applications will be reviewed  in March.  Upon review of your application packet with documentation attached, and subsequent approval by the committee, the applicant will be will be awarded the title of acca along with your plaque at the next MACA annual conference following approval.

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